We manufacture premiere CMP and grinding equipment for use in the production of semiconductor devices. Every piece of equipment from Revasum is designed with the customer in mind; as a result, each one meets or exceeds our customer’s performance targets.




Our production-proven CMP equipment is ideal for a broad range applications. With over twenty years of CMP process experience, our applications engineers are ready to assist you in developing a process that achieves your requirements.

GRINDING FOR Leading device applications


Our grinders are used for a broad range of semiconductor and compound materials, including: silicon carbide, silicon, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, sapphire, germanium, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, and indium phosphide


highest-quality equipment available

All of our pre-owned equipment is put through a rigorous re-manufacturing process. Each tool is put through the same burn in process that newly manufactured tools go through to insure that every system is fully functional and is certified to meet factory specifications.


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Responsive field service, expedient parts delivery, comprehensive training, and thorough product support.

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New Product Development

Revasum is investing heavily in CMP and grinding technology targeted at the Semiconductor device market for 200mm and below.  Driven by rapid growth in the demand for nanotechnology for the IoT, power, RF communications, MEMS, LED, and other mobile applications, Revasum will bring to market new CMP and grinding systems that are tailored to meet the needs of the device makers in this space.



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